Music: Kirby Krackle's new album, "Super Powered Love," has arrived on iTunes and other digital outlets, just in case you didn't catch them at Comic-Con. [KirbyKrackle]

Movies: According to Deadline, Dodgeball director Rawson Thurber is rewriting Universal Pictures' live action adaptation of The Umbrella Academy. [Deadline]

Anime: The Underworld films will be getting their own anime-style shorts. [ANN]

Handiwork: If you're in Gotham City and don't have a functioning Bat-Signal with you, you can learn to always have one... on hand! *snort. Seriously, though. Shadow puppets and all that. [TDW]

Art: CA reader Jason shot us the save-the-date he made for his upcoming wedding that pays homage to the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #131 where Aunt May marries Doctor Octopus. I have a feeling this couple will be very happy together.

Video: The Live Circus team chronicles the daily grind of serving coffee from a TARDIS. [Neatorama]

Comedy: Does reading political cartoons make a person more conservative? Rob Miller constructs a tongue-in-cheek argument suggesting it may. It doesn't take manga into account, though. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Gaming: TellTale's The Walking Dead game will reportedly be much more rooted in decision-making than combat and focus on a new story to keep players from trying to recreate what they've seen in the comics or on AMC's TV series. [Joystiq]

Art: I prefer my Batman alive, but Tom Lishman's undead version is interesting to look at. [TWD]

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