Gaming: The Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game box will look a little something like this when it arrives in stores this fall. [ScreenCrush]


Fashion: If pizza is your business, you're going to want to check out Mighty Fine's latest Hawkeye tees. [WLF]


Movies: Zod (or at least his Kryptonian armor) could've looked quite a bit different in Man of Steel, as revealed by the film's concept art. [ScreenCrush]


Eats: Japan's One Piece-themed Baratie restaurant is now open for business in the TV Fuji building in Odaiba, Tokyo. [ANN]


TV: 20 years of red (and one white) rangering morph before your eyes in a new Power Rangers promo vid. [Saban]


Statues: Whosoever uses this Mjolnir bookend, if he or she be worthy, shall be able to prop up some stuff. [Marvelousnewsi]