Hollywood: Lionsgate is making theirs Mega City by picking up the new 3D Judge Dredd movie, Dredd, starring Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby. That's right Liony of them, it is. [Variety]

Gaming: If you were frustrated that the initial release of the mobile Kick-Ass videogame didn't live up to its name, a new update will supposedly change your mind on November 9 with improved graphics and gameplay. [Kotaku]

Movies: Speaking of Lionsgate, their upcoming Conan film now has a proper release date now. Mark your Barbarian calendar for August 19. [Icv2]

Awesome: Lego Star Wars redeems Jar Jar Binks in its super cute "Bombad Bounty" cut scene. [Super Punch]

Statues: iFanboy is right to want this awesome Skeleton-Head bust prototype by Bigshot Toyworks based on Mike Mignola's art. [Bigshot Toyworks]

Gaming: Capcom's Fight Club hosted some Marvel vs. Capcom 3 models. But alas, X-23 is the only Marvel representative. [Kotaku]

Music: Twisted Pixel has made the Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley soundtrack and SFX available as a free downloads. Now if only they'd get to work on a sequel to the game... [Joystiq]

Video: Elvira something, something, Sarah Palin pun. [Elvira]

Toys: My favorite villain from The Tick animated series is now a fully-articulated custom action figure by Whitey's Workshop, beating the unposable Chairface Chippendale miniature I had as a lad by a mile. [Toycutter]

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