Movies: In Australia (and probably a lot of other places), Man of Steel movie concessions grub is going to look at little something like this. [GoldenLinkAustralia]

Video: Stan Lee gets his parkour on with a little help from Josh Yadon over a Minor Obsession track. [Robot 6]

Movies: There's a few seconds of previously unseen movie footage in the TCL Iron Man 3 tie-in promo. [SHH]

Animation: Zenescope has unveiled the first three minutes of its new Grimm Fairy Tales animated pilot. [Zenescope]

Gaming: Actors Norman "Daryl" Reedus and Michael "Merle" Rooker give some insight into The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct in the upcoming shooter's latest behind-the-scenes video. [Gamespot]

Video: "Spider-Man" Aaron Gassor demonstrates his Taekwondo skills, among other moves. [Neatorama]

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