Digital: Bryan J. Glass, Tim Seeley and Hugo Petrus' adaptation of Raymond E. Feist's Magician Master #1 (of 5) has debuted exclusively on Marvel's digital app for iOS devices. This marks Marvel's first time releasing a full-length series release on its app before shipping to stores. [Marvel]

Industry: Image Comics has adopted a new rating system for its books: "E" for everyone, "T" for teens, "T+" for older teens and "M" for mature. [Image]

Digital: Would-be iPad artists have another solid app at their disposal for simple sketching. Wacom's Bamboo Paper App is currently a free alternative to beefier (and much more sophisticated) options. If you just want to draw in a few colors with your finger or a stylus, this digital Moleskin-esque solution may be for you. [Gizmodo]

Gaming: Nintendo's 3DS has a new 3D TV feature... in Japan only, so far. [Engadget]

TV: Conan examines why there may not be a Green Lantern movie sequel. [TeamCoCo]

Art: Homer Simpson never looked so psychedelic than in this groovy print. [Boing Boing]

Toys: I always assumed the transforming Thomas the Tank Engine bootleg toy was an awesome internet hoax, but it's totally real and wonderfully awful according to this review. [Tomopop]

Toys: Fans of Lego Star Wars sets are going to love the massive Super Star Destroyer set... even if it is $400. [Topless Robot]

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