Toys: Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys will follow up the first "Best of Marvel Minimates" series with a second wave of colorful comics-style two-packs featuring Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Doom, Daredevil and Venom, the Punisher and Deadpool, and the Hulk and Loki in the spring of 2013. [Art Asylum]

Novels: Though the film doesn't arrive until June 14, fans can already begin preordering the Man of Steel novelization by Greg Cox. [SHH]

Toys: Captain America and Iron Man are getting massive Marvel Avengers Movie Be@rbricks from Medicom, which will go for big bucks. [Toy Ark]

Gaming: The full trailer for the upcoming One Piece - Romance Dawn PSP RPG shows the Straw Hat Pirates smash things and fight dudes, which they're pretty good at. [Crunchyroll]

Gaming: Tabletop gamers will soon be able to play a version of Batman: Arkham City from Cyptozoic Entertainment. [SHH]

Cosplay: GakAttack chronicles "Epic Fan Fights 2012" in a new special effects-infused cosplay video. [GA]

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