Entertainment: Marvel's got a bevy of animated series headed to Netflix Instant starting today and extending over the course of the coming months. If you're reading this Marvel, please add Japanese Spider-Man ASAP. You'll have my eternal gratitude. [Marvel]

Gaming: City of Heroes celebrated its seventh anniversary yesterday, but will continue the party throughout May with a new threat to the universe. [City Of Heroes]

TV: FX will run six Marvel movies including Elektra, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man as part of its "Superhero Sunday" promotion on May 1. The network will also air Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer on May 2. [Blog@]

Gaming: Dorkly imagines what would happen if Mario got his hands on a Portal gun. Long story short, the man is a quick study. [Dorkly]

Restaurants: We've seen a lot of themed dining establishments that resonate with the comics crowd, but Tokyo's "Kamen Rider The Diner" may be the most thorough yet. [Kotaku]

Shows: The Toronto Comics Arts Festival is coming up on May 7-8. Prepare yourself for the cartooning with a video short spotlighting a few guests' favorite tools. [TCAF]

Garage Sales: As it shuts down operations in North America, Tokyopop will host a garage sale in LA sometime in the near future to unload manga, posters and other merch. Antsy otaku can enter a contest for first crack at the loot, though. [ANN]

Movies: The Japanese Thor movie trailer gives Hogun some deserved preview screen time. [Super Hero Hype]

Toys: Mega Man X's pal Zero is getting his a pretty stellar-looking D-Arts action figure from Bandai in the fall. You can preorder it for about the same price as the less sturdy model kits fans have been going gaga over this past year. [Tomopop]

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