Upcoming: Boom! Studios' Kaboom! imprint will launch an ongoing Peanuts series with a $1 #0 issue in November, followed by a #1 in January. [ComicsContinuum]

Gaming: iTunes customers in Japan can now download a demo for the upcoming Neon Genesis Evangelion rhythm game, Evangelion: Sound Impact. I'd play it for the theme song alone. [ANN]

Movies: B. Clay Moore and Jeremy Haun's The Leading Man is currently being developed by Justin Lin at Universal. [Deadline]

Customs: You've probably seen a few of Donald Kennedy's mech/cross section custom action figures around the blogosphere, but his vintage-style arcade cabinets are extra creative. [Neatorama]

Anime: Remember .hack? The gaming/anime/manga franchise is about to get a full-fledged CG animated feature film called .hack//The Movie. [Japanator]

Upcoming: Jason has unveiled the cover to his upcoming Athos In America. More Musketeers from Jason? Sold. [Flog]

Toys: Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys's second wave of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimates coming to Toys "R" Us will include exclusive Sentinel and Taskmaster toys. [Art Asylum]

Food: In the UK, Doctor Who is the name of a show about a time traveler and his buds. In Singapore, Dr. Who is the name of a water bottler. [Eataku]

Toys: Jazware's upcoming 3.75" Street Fighter action figures seem to be evoking a mixed initial reaction among longtime SF collectors online. Should be interesting to size them up against Hasbro's Marvel Universe line and Star Wars figures. [Tomopop]

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