Threads: It's good to have options, and the new "Pick Your Powers" tee from Threadless is overflowing with them. I think I pick radioactive spider. [Threadless]

Clichés: iFanboy takes a look at the lazy narrative of "Nerd Pride" in the wider media and wonders if even well-intentioned fans aren't part of the problem for embracing "Comic Book Guy" stereotypes. [iFanboy]

Anime: 75-year-old Space Battleship Yamato anime producer Hirofumi Nishizaki reportedly died after falling from a steamship called Yamato this past weekend. Our sympathy goes out to his fans, friends and family. [io9]

Gaming: It turns out Bowser makes a real good, feel good, meal. Just don't tell Pixel PETA. [CulturePopped]

Threads: In a better, more bootlegged world, Spider-Man shows his affection for the smartest mammals in the sea. [Super Punch]

Gaming: Until next Monday Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game is on sale for 50% off on Xbox Live. That's just $5. Nice! [Joystiq]

Good Vs. Evil: Counter protestors in Westin, Mo. create a human fence to block Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church from entering their town in one of the best moves we've seen since Comic-Con goers let loose on them this past summer. [The Daily What]

Travel: Remember that time Spider-Man went to Amsterdam and got accosted next to an ATM? No? Good. [Topless Robot]

Toys: Big Bad Toy Store has taken a new Tick action figure live for preorder. Dude is accessorizing to the max. [Super Punch]

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