Attractiveness: People Magazine has named Ryan Reynolds (a fusion of Hannibal King, Captain Excellent, Deadpool and Green Lantern) as this year's "Sexiest Man Alive." [People]

Comic Strips: Even if you tend to think of Mort Walker's Beetle Bailey as a comic your grandpa digs, Wicked Local has a fun interview with the creator that highlights his military history shows what an interesting guy he is and helps you appreciate where the strip is coming from. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Contests: The Stan Lee Foundation and Prismacolor are hosting a new contest tasking designers to create a superhero character for a global audience. The prize includes an action figure in the winner's likeness, among other prizey things. [Talent House]

Movies: I admit I was skeptical initially, but you know, there might just be something to this whole Cowboys & Aliens thing. [Moviefone]

Art: We're already fans of Joëlle Jones, but her upcoming Troublemaker Book 2 sketches don't hurt matters any. [Robot6 via Comics Worth Reading]

Cosplay: If you're the type of fan who likes spending thousands of dollars (or Yen, in this case) on Neon Genesis Evangelion "plug suits" then you're in luck thanks to Cospatio's several $6K styles. [Kotaku]

Sci-Fi: Artist Paul Pape wants to freeze you in carbonite. Or at least sell you a model of your likeness as it would appear in frozen carbonite. [Blastr]

Webcomics: Dustinland presents its "Hipster Theory of Relativity," which seems to mirror my own experiences in public perception. [The Daily What]

TV: If you didn't catch Doctor Who star Matt Smith the other night on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, you missed out. Well, not really, because you can watch it now! [Topless Robot]