Sanity: After reading Ruben Bolling's latest Tom the Dancing Bug comic, it was a relief to find out that Walt Disney Co. is pulling its application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to brand "SEAL Team 6" (named after the team who, among other things, took out Osama bin Laden) for toys, games and other merchandise. [The Wall Street Journal]

TV: Apparently there's 50 hours of live action Star Wars TV series footage chillin' in storage while George Lucas and co. figure out how to make the series cost 1/10 of what it currently would to finish at film-level quality. [The Mary Sue]

Digial Comics: Aspen Comics content is now available on comiXology. A 15-title launch will be followed by new content with varying price points depending on page count. [comiXology]

Commodes: SNES cartridge collectors, prepare to weep. Everyone else can learn how to make their own urinals from the things at PriceCharting. [Topless Robot]

Mugs: A few of Marvel's most iconic heroines assemble on this "Ladies Night" mug. [Neatorama]

Mashups: Doctor Who sees a lone Time Lord taking companions on adventures, but as this mashup shows, they all become his F.R.I.E.N.D.S. [The Mary Sue]

Grub: Chewbacca bento looks like noodles of fun. [Dorkly]

Video: Kyle Roberts' stop motion Battle of the Bonds may have you ordering a green screen to shoot toy videos of your own in front of by the time you're done watching it. [Underwire]

Fashion: Super pricey Portland, Ore. designer clothes retailer Mario's is juxtaposing its wares with the contents of 75 Years of DC Comics. Dark Horse assistant editor Brendan Wright's account of the phenomenon is pretty on-the-nose. [Robot6]

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