Movies: The latest image from G.I. Joe: Retaliation demonstrates Snake Eyes' major costume upgrade from the first film. [Total Film]

Gaming: The first of five installments from Telltale Games' The Walking Dead game will arrive on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, Mac and iOS in April. [IGN]

Toys: There's apparently going to be a Hunger Games Barbie based on Katniss Everdeen. Late night talk show monologue writers, are you reading this? [HuffPo]

Movies: Japan's trailer for The Avengers includes more Helicarrier action and some extra Hawkeye footage. [ICv2]

Art: Mobile Suit showers apparently bring Gundam flowers in the art of Songsong Jakganim. [Neatorama]

Gaming: Marvel Pinball is getting its Asgard on in the game's latest update. [Marvel]

Video: Chuck Jones at his drawing table is just as fun to watch as any of the Warner Bros. cartoons he created. [Gizmodo]

Gaming: On April 26 Mattel is releasing One Piece Uno in Japan, which allows players to shout "I'm gonna be the Pirate King!" instead of "Uno!" [ANN]

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