Promos: Marvel is running a promo to put a winning fan's face on the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #669 in September. Marvel points you in the direction of your local retailer for details. [Marvel]

Toys: Burger King's offered many a Kids Meal, but some are more fan-friendly than others. [Topless Robot]

TV: A new Tales From the Crypt television show based on ongoing characters from the E.C. Comic is in the works from former HBO TFtC producer Gil Adler and Eureka co-creator Andrew Cosby. [Deadline]

Upcoming: Shout! Factory will release Marvel Knights: Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers on DVD September 13. [Shout! Factory]

TV: Harrison Ford and Chewbacca reunite on Jimmy Kimmel Live! It... doesn't go well. [HuffPo]

Papercraft: If there's one thing every papercraft Captain America needs, its a removable helmet. [Super Punch]

Webisodes: All six episodes of the live action/animated superhero therapy web series Issues are now online. What's your diagnosis? [Gamma Squad]

Toys: Sci-Fi Revoltech #031 will be Iron Man's best bud War Machine. The figure will pack a ton of plastic firepower when it arrives in October. [BBTS]

Digital: Remember the maddening five minutes you spent finding the differences between panels in Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids on a Sunday morning as a kid? Was that just me? Should I have been more patient? Either way, there'll be an iOS app for that on August 12. [The Daily Cartoonist]

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