Art: Even the most evil among us had to deal with that awkward phase, at least according to artist GhostHause's imagined supervillain high school photos. [DeviantArt via io9]

News: The city of San Diego has extended its contract with Comic-Con International through 2016. The convention center will add more space, and there'll be 500 new rooms at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel. [SuperHeroHype]

Movies: If the Stark Industries Russia Twitter account is to be believed, The Wolverine will be all bone-clawed out in 3D. [Twitter]

Video: The newest, surprisingly silly trailer directed by Guy Ritchie for Activision's Black Ops 2 features a brief cameo from a very Tony-Stark-like Robert Downey Jr. [Joystiq]

Gaming: When WizKids releases the new Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game in February, figures will have not one, but two HeroClix dials. The company is calling it SwitchClix. [ICv2]

Art: What started as artist rxjx's attempt to throw Vocaloid's Hatsune Miku into some imagined battle situations has turned into three years and 1,600 images. [CrunchyRoll]

TV: Executive Producer Robert Kirkman told MTV that a lot of new elements are coming to The Walking Dead this season, and it will evolve into "a crazy new Walking Dead." []

Video Games: Gamestop halted its midnight release of Assassin's Creed III for stores in the path of Hurricane Sandy and won't reopen those stores until the storm has passed. Customer reaction was...mixed. [Facebook]

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