Amazing: CA contributor David Wolkin alerted me to a Tumblr that draws Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles onto the noses of celebrity photos. You'll want to see this. [Tumblr]

TV: The Walking Dead's season two premiere on AMC this past weekend had a total of 7.3 million viewers. [SHH]

Conventions: If you thought NYCC was packed this weekend, it's because it totally was. There were 105,000 people in and out of the Javits Center, all told. [The Beat]

Fresh Ink! Online: Attack of the Show associate producer Brian Compton and 2.0 segment producer Courtney Kraft fill in for Blair Butler while she hit NYCC for reviews of Green Lantern, Batwoman, All-New Spider-Man, The Punisher, Spike, Mystic, Bloody Monday and Codename Sailor V. [FIO]

Video: James Curran animates a title sequence for Herge's The Adventures of Tintin comics featuring elements from 24 different titles. No motion capture or anything! [Neatorama]

Art: It's not necessarily comprehensive, but Owen Parson's list of 15 People You'll See At Nerd Conventions has some solid insights. [Reddit]

Upcoming: A special Christmassy Prep and Landing/Avengers crossover story will appear in November's Avengers #19, Super-Heroes #20 and Spider-Man #20. [Marvel]

Gaming: Ghost Rider is coming to Pinball Xbox 360's Pinball FX 2 and PlayStation 3's Marvel Pinball in the near future. [Kotaku]

Creators: Michael Kupperman's "transcription" of Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010, got quite the endorsement this weekend at NYCC. Perhaps by Twain himself?! [Flog! Blog]

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