Upcoming: Cryptozoic Entertainment will debut the first issue of its new ongoing comic series based on Penny Arcade's The Lookouts at SDCC, with a wide release on August 29. [Cryptozoic]

Physics: How accurate are the physics of Spider-Man's adventures? NPR rounds up some great videos exploring the balance of fact and fiction. [Science Friday]

TV: The CW has announced that its new live action Green Arrow series, Arrow, will premiere on October 10. [EW]

Movies: The latest trailer for the live action adaptation of Nobuhiro Watsuki's Rurouni Kenshin brings the samurai action. [ANN]

Tech: if every PC case looked like Blue Horse Studios' Iron Man mod, everyone with a laptop might consider trading. [Kotaku]

Animation: Dreamworks animator David Stodolny shows why don't want to be around when the Hulk runs out of TP. [Robot 6]

Toys: Sideshow Collectibles' SDCC 2012 exclusive offerings will include Hot Toys Captain America Rescue Figure, Star Wars Commander Fox, Star Wars Bith Band 2-Pack and G.I. Joe Green Beret Lt. Falcon. [Toy Ark]

Video: Daniel K. Kanemoto's animated tribute to The Evil Dead trilogy may just inspire you to rewatch the films. [Topless Robot]

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