TV: AMC has ordered 16 new episodes of The Walking Dead for the show's third season, which is three more than the first two seasons. New episodes from the show's current second season kick off on February 12. [SHH]

Movies: Conan the Barbarian director Marcus Nispel has signed on to helm a live action adaptation of Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash. [Heat Vision]

Industry: Manager and Chief Relationship Officer at Lone Star Comics Chris Powell has taken the new position of Executive Director of Business Development at Diamond. [The Comics Reporter]

Video: Rob Liefeld may have seen eight minutes of live action Deadpool movie test footage... [Bleeding Cool]

Upcoming: Dark Horse Comics has unveiled covers to Matt Kindt's upcoming Mind MGMT #1 and Fatima #1 by Gilbert Hernandez, arriving in stores this May and June, respectively. [Dark Horse]

Movies: Entertainment Weekly has a new image of Chris Evans as Captain America in The Avengers. According to director Joss Whedon, the film will be primarily from the First Avenger's point of view. [EW]

Gaming: A new preview of The Darkness II confirms the new game will stick with the comic's blend of sexiness and... um... violence-ness. [Kotaku]

Comic Strips: The Cleveland Plain Dealer pulled Wiley Miller's Non-Sequitur strip last Friday because... they don't like bunnies? [The Daily Cartoonist]

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