Industry: The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has announced its new 2011 Membership Premium Program, which includes tiered premiums for joining. [CBLDF]

Interviews: Gareb Shamus talks to ICv2 about the end of the Wizard and ToyFare magazines and the company's plans for the future. [ICv2]

Manga: Eiichiro Oda's One Piece manga continues to sell like the hottest of hotcakes in Japan, with the latest volume selling more than 2 million copies in just three days. [ANN]

Gaming: Once upon a time, Alf starred in his own Sega Master System game. I know, right? With any luck, you'll waste an hour reading up on Alf and watching YouTube clips like I did. [Super Punch]

Threads: New Green Lantern movie merch continues to roll out. Most borders on appalling, but this New Era cap is legit enough. [SuperheroHype]

Movies: Matthew Vaughn's upcoming X-Men: First Class gets another teaser image, which is pretty similar to the movie poster that hit a few weeks back. [Facebook]

More Threads: Say Anything's Max Bemis had Guy Davis lend some art to the Macbeth sneaker he designed. [Super Punch]

Art: We've seen some Psy-looks in our day, but Jamie McKelvie's Psylocke design has us positively swooning. [ProjectRooftop]

Just Awesome: Thank you for indulging me while I post a preview up the upcoming Power Rangers Samurai. They transform with "Samuraizers!" [i09]

Even More Threads: Mightyfine's delivered numerous quality Scott Pilgrim tee designs and now the site's giving users the power to customize their own. [Robot6]

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