Animation: The cast and crew of Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man discuss the upcoming show alongside a dash of new footage. [Marvelnewsi]

Movies: It seems the live action Flash movie is still making a run at it, according to screenwriter Dan Mazeau. [Blastr]

Tech: The Tricorder from Star Trek is a little bit closer to becoming a reality. [Gizmodo]

Art: Dean Trippe does up a flyer for this weekend's Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle, which CA editorial will totally be attending/covering. [Dean Trippe]

Toys: Hot Toys has modified its 1/6 scale Batman '89 Batmobile to be even more detailed when it gets released. Madness! [Plastic and Plush]

Manga: One Piece vol. 65 is now the fastest-selling manga counted by the Oricon manga charts in its four-year history, having sold 3,005,287 copies in less than two months. [JEFusion]

Animated: Cartoon Network's MAD examines why DC's flagship team of heroes don't go by "The Super Friends" anymore. [Topless Robot]

Threads: Darlingamy's Etsy shop has the cute, if impractical Pikachu apron for all of your non-baking needs. [Neatorama]

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