TV: AMC will debut all six episodes of its The Walking Dead webseries about "Bicycle Girl" Hannah on October 3. [AMC]

Movies: The same team that wrote Wanted has turned in a script for Wanted 2. Curve the bullet, y'all! [THR]

Manga: Shaman King will return in the November volume of Jump X [Kai] with a new 44-page story centering around Yō Asakura's early days. There will also be a "big project" in the near future that may deliver more new stories. [ANN]

Humor: This French Doctor Who parody is pretty NSFW, but will have you ROTFL. [ToplessRobot]

Toys: If you liked Cowboys & Aliens, Medicom's got some pricy toys of its two male protagonists on the way in March. [TNI]

Animation: Did you know Cartoon Network's The Looney Toons show was awesome? Apparently it totally is. [Topless Robot]

Tech: Wacom's new line of Bamboo tablets are out and some models are wireless (with the purchase of a $40 dongle). [Engadget]

Gaming: CraftedMovie's Minecraft recreation of The Simpsons opening packs loads of cubey goodness. [Kotaku]

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