Gaming: Wil Wheaton, who previously voiced Blue Beetle Jamie Reyes on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, will be lending his talents to DC Universe Online as Robin. [Joystiq]

Career Advice: Hero Initiative Auction winner and aspiring comic book editor Greg Pelkofski shares his experience of having lunch with Marvel EIC Joe Quesada. [Robot6]

TV: DC's wonderfully ridiculous Legends of the SuperHeroes is now on DVD. No need to hit up the bootlegger booths at cons for it anymore! (Not that anyone would do that...) [Blog@]

Threads: Panty & Stocking put on their game faces across two new baggy shirts. [ANN]

Manga: The new God of War manga seems to have taken a few cranial liberties with the videogame's protagonist Kratos. [Joystiq]

Customs: While the original ROM: Spaceknight toy is near to every good wraithslayer's heart, customizer argenta-2008's more contemporary version will have fans salivating. [Toycutter]

Not Comics: What kind of man would I be if I didn't share this 8-bit Zardoz video? [io9]

Movies: Nothing says "home" like a Jabba and Slave Leia cross stitch of the Serenity prayer. [Neatorama]

Gaming: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online's new Halloween promo is so cute, it's scary. Not sure I'm sold on the game's card-based combat, but any title that features Marvel's heroes dancing in a clubhouse is okay by me. [Comic Vine]

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