Movies: X-Men: First Class will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray September 9. The special editions will feature good guys or bad guys and other extras, respectively. [Marvelousnews]

Comic-Con: The ComicsAlliance guide to the Thursday panels and events to see today at Comic-Con International in San Diego!

TV: Lost star Titus Welliver has joined the cast of FX's Powers pilot as Triphammer. [SHH]

Movies: Richard Comely's Captain Canuck has been optioned by Minds Eye Entertainment for a live action film according to a new press release. But what will they call the film in nations hostile to Canada? The First Avenger Guy? [Minds Eye]

Movies: Chris Evans talks the terrifying side of playing Captain America in The First Avenger. [Access Hollywood]

Creators: Brian K. Vaughn will reportedly be kicking it at Comic-Con during Saturday's "Creator-Owned Comics With Robert Kirkman" panel at 3 p.m. Could this mean new comic news from the creator? [Robot6]

Movies: Daniel Craig talks about doing something different on the set of Cowboys and Aliens. [Access Hollywood]

Customs: Camilla d'Errico customizes Kuro vinyl, which she'll be selling in several price brackets at SDCC. [toycutter]

Novels: Abrams Books is set to publish a The Walking Dead companion book to coincide with AMC's TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's zombie comic. The Walking Dead Chronicles will focus on the making of the show's first season and its comic book source material. [Abrams]

Music: The new (NSFW) Beastie Boys video for "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win" is so tremendous I can hardly contain myself. You should watch it. [Beastie Boys]

Creators: Stan Lee talks technology and the cinematic adaptation of his characters. Pretty sure my mom still knows more about tech, though. [CBS]

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