Art: Artist Dave Williams gets minimal, as he did with Thor, with a slick X-Men: First Class movie poster print. It's currently sold out, and it's not hard to see why. [davewilliamsdesigns]

Anime: The 26-episode Durarara!! will make its North American TV debut on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block this June. [ANN]

Toys: Hot Toys has announced its license to make toys based on X-Men: First Class. If they're anything like the upcoming Christopher Reeve Superman: The Movie toy, you'll probably want them. [Facebook]

Customs: Bob Harris' custom Preacher minimates may have you e-mailing Diamond Select Toys demanding an official release. [Toy Cutter]

Art: Nathan Bulmer's contribution to the upcoming "Dear Japan" art show benefit depicts many of the pop culture daydreams of our youth (and of today, even). [EatMoreBikes]

Sweet Rides: If you lived in Japan's Yokohama City, you could have been the proud owner of a "Char's MS06S Zaku II" Suzuki Address V100 scooter listed on Yahoo! Auctions this past weekend. Congrats to the lucky bidder who is tooling around the streets there. [Tomopop]

Art: Threadless user dschwen submits a very literal "Pop Culture" design. [Threadless]

Video: Some Jedi are A-holes, man. Hilarious, hilarious, A-holes. [Kotaku]

Toys: Disney Stores will stock an exclusive comic book style Marvel Select Hawkeye this August, alongside a new MS Thor fig. Captain America and Black Widow figures will follow in September. [Art Asylum]