DC Comics and the New York Daily News are getting a head start on San Diego Comic-Con news, revealing Lois Lane's new boyfriend: Daily Planet staffer Jonathan Carroll, because Lois Lane can't stop pooping where she eats. He's revealed in two pages from September's Superman #1 by George Perez and Jesus Merino, where Clark Kent goes to apologize to Lois for an unrevealed gaffe and apparently interrupts her sexytimes with this new, shirtless adonis.Due to DC Comics turning back the clock on many of their major characters, in the new DC Universe, Lois and Clark have actually never been married in the new status quo, so when Clark goes to her apartment early in the morning, he comes face-to-face her new beau. His supersenses also force him to eavesdrop on a conversation between the two lovebirds that he'd rather not hear, spotlighting how his powers make him separate from humanity while also part of it.

The pages are also the first we've seen of the new present-day Superman status quo, introducing us to the new Daily Planet Newsroom filled with familiar faces in younger incarnations, like longtime staffers Cat Grant and Ron Troupe, as well as a notably cigar-free Chief Editor Perry White. The art is Jesus Merino working off of breakdowns by writer George Perez, and contain his signature storytelling style as interpreted through Merino's distinctive Pacheco-inspired figure work (Merino was Pacheco's inker for a very long time before moving to being a penciller in his own right).

This entire situation reveals a side of Superman we haven't seen in a long time, not since the Pre-Crisis incarnation of the character before John Byrne transformed him into a super-yuppie in 1986's Man of Steel. While the Post-Crisis Clark Kent was a hugely successful journalist who got the girl and lived the good life, the Pre-Crisis (and presumably Post-Flashpoint) version basically has to act like a total chump to conceal his powers and identity.

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