Image Comics' new Skybound imprint has a hot commodity under its wing in Witch Doctor artist Lukas Ketner. You know the way you can look at a piece of Tony Millionaire artwork and feel like you could be seeing something that was drawn more than a hundred years ago? Ketner can muster up that same deceptive appearance, and when he applies it to a young William Shatner clutching a lollipop or the Lorax, well, things get intense.Ketner's gorgeous illustrations, comics and cartoons can often be found in Portland's Willamette Week, as well as on His rich line work and whimsical approach to his subjects has a slightly Victorian feel to it and rolls with a smoothness akin to the style of Craig Thompson.

He's articulate and versatile, though, making him a great fit for an Image book-or any ROM: Spaceknight sketch requests that happen to get thrown his way. Check out some of Ketner's work below:

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