If your Luke Cage binge has ended, there’s only one thing left to do. Okay, eleven things, if you feel compelled to watch ten more times, but we’re talking about the easter egg hunt. There’s plenty overt ones a bit of Iron Fist foreshadowing, but did you know a newspaper clipping puts Back to the Future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

You’re warned of minor spoilers from here on out, but the tenth episode of Luke Cage saw a blink-and-you’ll-miss it gag where Misty Knight searches past Georgia newspapers for a bit of Luke (or rather Carl Lucas) and Diamondback’s past. Naturally propmasters filled the ambient newspaper sections with legible text, though Redditors noticed that a story on the right makes veiled reference to the events of Back to the Future:

Luke Cage Back to the Future Easter Egg
Marvel / Reddit

Here’s the full text we transcribed, which makes replacements like “Martin Brown” instead of “Emmett Brown,” “thrust capacitor” instead of “flux capacitor,” “Mac Fly” and so on:


Local Inventor Receives Civic Award

Local inventor Martin Brown was recognized for his contributions to science at the 35th Annual Benefactor’s Ball here in Savannah last Thursday. Brown, a lifelong resident of the community, has recently developed what he calls the “Thrust Capacitor,” a device that desalinizes ocean water for repurposing. It also is the device that could one day make time travel possible. “We currently don’t have the resources to make this type of travel possible, but one day, when plutonium is available at every corner drugstore, perhaps that day, we could achieve it.”

Brown has always been known for his impulsive and sometimes bombastic behavior, but he was all smiles when he received the Savannah Civic Award in Scientific Achievement. Brown went under fire in 1985 for including a teenaged boy in his experiments. Many onlookers thought that Brown perhaps had an inappropriate relationship with Mac Fly, a high school student from neighboring town Mill Valley. “The Doc and me have always been […]

Obviously just a throwaway gag, rather than propmasters’ tendency to either repeat blocks of text or fill stories with content unrelated to their headlines, but an impressive dedication nonetheless.

There’s plenty more waiting to be discovered in Luke Cage, but has the series broken your brain with a possible Back to the Future connection to the MCU? I know, this is heavy.

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