With Norman Osborn's Dark Reign set to topple at the conclusion of Marvel's current "Siege" storyline, the only certainty for his secret band of Thunderbolts is catastrophe. Picking up the pieces from the game-changing event will require some heavy lifting, but Luke Cage is slated to step up to the task as he takes over one of the Marvel U's most dysfunctional teams this May.

According to Comic Book Resources, the creative team of writer Jeff Parker and artist Kev Walker will steer a new team of villains toward redemption, with Cage leading the charge.

The former Hero for Hire and Avenger will take on a new role as a mentor/teacher/leader to selected inmates of Marvel's maximum security prison The Raft. It won't be an easy task with a core lineup consisting of Moonstone, Ghost, Juggernaut, Crossbones and Man-Thing, but given his pedigree in dealing with all levels of the criminal element, Cage seems well-suited for the job.

Having followed The Thunderbolts since their "Incredible Hulk" #449 appearance back in '97, the new approach feels like a natural progression to me. I'd literally pick up any book with Man-Thing and Luke Cage in it no matter what the story, but having the story make sense and fitting into mainline continuity? That's like lighting striking the fan centers of my brain in the best possible way.

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