Marvel Comics readers know the precious joy of reading a good "What If...? " comic. Artist Madéleine Flores obviously enjoys such pleasures, too, as her hypothetical take on Iron Man shows.

In addition to speculating about an alternative uni-beam placement on Tony Stark, Flores has also tackled the contents of Batman's cowl ears. She's got the kind of humor that Kate Beaton lovers should be drawn to. And mixed in with the her gags, you'll also see some cute Radiohead quote action and a dog joke.Check out her webcomic Witch and Knight, as well her Tumblr feed and Little Love Monster blog for lots more where that from. Just remember when you look at her art that Batman is an expert and a little crazy when it comes to feeding and hanging out with bats in the park. Don't attempt to imitate his act of animal kindness there, lest you wind up catching rabies and experiencing unpleasant rabies-related sensations.

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