Even though Kanye West's rude interruption during the MTV Music Awards a few weeks back has had some time to fade, the latest promo for the stop-motion animated "Marvel Superheroes: What The --?!" serves as an inspiring reminder of what's become an Interweb meme.

After all, where else can fans see M.O.D.O.K.'s private restroom moments interrupted by West, who thinks that a bathing Blob is the best super villain of all time?

AIM's giant-headed abomination has seen a surge in popularity in Marvel's regular animated shorts, practically becoming the star of late. Not just in the "What The--?!" shorts, which are aimed at older audiences, but also on Cartoon Network's kid-friendly "The Super Hero Squad Show" where he serves as a kind of Starscream to Dr. Doom's Megatron.

Catch the promo after the jump. It may scar you for life, but it's worth it for the guffaws it will likely generate.

I just hope M.O.D.O.K. remembers to wash his tiny hands.