If you thought Terry McGinnis heading to college in DC's digital-first Batman Beyond 2.0 series was going to be all energy drink-induced panic attacks during all-night term paper writing sessions and/or having a shway time chilling at the quad with the Justice League, you'll be pleased to know that from the beginning of the series all the way through this week's Chapter 13 written by Kyle Higgins with art by Thony Silas, Batman's been all about fighting futuristic bad guys. And we have a first look at the upcoming issue to prove it!

From DC's official solicitation info:

Beaten within an inch of their lives, Terry and Bruce are held captive in the tunnels beneath Neo-Gotham's historical district. But just when all hope is seemingly lost, the Bureau sends in an elite task force to take down Man-Bat and rescue the hostagesl!

While DC Digital's been playing in the "Beyond" universe across several series in recent years, Batman Beyond 2.0 has stood out for continuing to embrace the line's tablet-friendly widescreen layout in a way that both embraces the animated series' orientation and plays to the strengths of comics. Silas just plain brings a sharp style to the page that pumps the show's original character designs up with the kind of energy manga fans would recognize from a Shonen Jump title.

You can check out a sampling of four pages from Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 13 below.