With this week's release of Justice League #1, the flagship title of DC Comics' relaunch, our Superman attention has been mostly tuned to the hero's redesigned comic book look by Jim Lee. Don't worry Henry Cavill, we've got time for your equally different duds from the Zack Snyder-directed Man of Steel coming in 2013. SuperHeroHype (via Wacots.org) posted some recent photos taken the film's Plano, Ill. set this week, and while many have become fixated on a certain... proportion of the suit, what's really worth noting is Cavill's parted hairstyle. Fans, including the Let's Be Friends Again crew, had an amusing reaction to the first promo pic of Cavill's mighty mane, but his locks seem to have been managed more similarly to his comic style here -- minus the spit curl, of course.

Cavill's not wearing a cape in these shots, giving fans more insight into the costume's briefless, rubbery uniform and its muted color scheme. Naturally, things could look much different in the film.

See what you make of Supes' Man of Steel uniform (as much as you can from low-res photos) below:

[Via SHH]

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