Yesterday was a big day for Man of Steel toy reveals, as Variety, USA Today and Hero Complex all debuted images of Superman, Jor-El and the villainous General Zod across a swath of prominent toy lines including Mattel's 6" Movie Masters and 3.75" series, Funko's Pop! Vinyl offerings, and Lego's DC Super Heroes sets. The reveals are spoiler-free, although they arguably give fans their best looks at each of these characters as played by Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon. So far, no female figures have been officially previewed, but it probably won't be too long before Kryptonian baddie Faora (and perhaps even Lois Lane or the potential gender-swapped Jimmy Olson) pops up somewhere. You can check out a roundup of the assorted upcoming Man of Steel toys after the cut.

Mattel Movie Masters Superman

Mattel Movie Masters General Zod

Mattel Movie Masters Jor-El

Mattel 3.75" Man of Steel Superman

Funko Pop! Vinyl Man of Steel Superman

Funko Pop! Vinyl Man of Steel General Zod

Lego DC Super Heroes Metropolis showdown