Over the past few years there's been a lot of dicussion about what you can do with the "infinite canvas" of digital comics that you just cannot do with traditional paper and ink. It's worth remembering, however, that there are things you can do with those traditional tools that you can't do with anything else -- and in an amazing comic posted to his Twitter account, Eyeshield 21 artist Yusuke Murata has done 'em all.

As spotlighted at CrunchyRoll, Murata's follow-up to Hetappi Manga Research Lab R uses folded paper, cutouts, white-out, and even lights shown through paper to create a three-dimensional slapstick story of a manga artist literally on the run from his deadlines. The chances are pretty good that it's one of the most innovative and entertaining comics you'll see this year.

Virtually every panel in the strip has something amazing that you'd never expect, like the use of white-out to create both fluffy clouds and explosive bursts, but my personal favorite has to be the activation of the editor's X-Ray vision. It is a dread everyone with an editor has felt.

For more information and an English translation of all the dialogue, head over to CrunchyRoll, and if you speak Japanese, follow Murata on Twitter just in case he does it again!

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