As THE icon of block toy magic-making, it's a rare thing indeed to feel sorry for LEGO, but geez Louise dudes, K'NEX is releasing buildable Mario Kart Wii toys and tracks this June and you totally aren't! Even Mega Bloks is probably singing the blues on this one. All hail K'NEX's righteous Nintendo toy license acquisition after the jump.It's not like I've got to spell out why Mario Kart toys from any generation are awesome (especially the legendary Mario Kart 64 action figures from ToyBiz), but as the first official brick toys bearing the likeness of Mario and co., this line has the potential to completely take over your spare bedroom/actual bedroom/studio apartment/cardboard box you're living in after spending your entire paycheck on toys.

So far K'NEX is only offering a taste of the line with $9.99 Mario and Luigi bike sets and $19.99 Mario, Luigi and Yoshi kart sets. Each toy comes with an accessory from the game and comes packaged in a box that can be converted into a ramp, but come June, things will totally go off the rails. The official K'NEX site is teasing crazy race track images containing Goombas, Thwomps and other obstacles. You won't even have to use your taxed imagination to make your elaborate customized races happen since each toy comes fully loaded with the latest in pull back motor technology.

See a few images of the new Mario Kart Wii K'NEX offerings below:

[Via Tomopop]