Whether they're X-rated or psychedelic and cuddly superheroes have colors and mantras, and there's very little any artist can do to change that. Mark Grambau chose to embrace those assets in a series of posters he made celebrating Superman, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and numerous other comic book icons.

Batman and The Hulk may not be as ultra-realistic and haunting as they are on their respective movie theater posters from the last few years, but they do manage to cut striking silhouettes into Grambau's portfolio on MarkGrambau.com. Sometimes a handful of words and colors are all you really need to get a point across, and he does so with intensity and an eye for simple shapes.

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His take on webbing in a look at Venom is especially effective. In fact, after seeing "We are Venom" in this context, you may find yourself slightly more willing to elect Eddie Brock and his symbiote to public office.

[Via Geek-Art]

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