After being announced at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel has debuted the first episode of All Winners Squad, its new web cartoon showcasing some of the... less successful characters that are part of the Marvel library. Steve Gerber fans, you should definitely check this out.

From the same writers as's Marvel Superheroes: What The-?!, All Winners Squad brings together Howard the Duck, Squirrel Girl, Hypno Hustler, Ruby Tuesday, Frog Man, the Walrus and the Unicorn under the tutelage of the Trapster and infamous Power Man villain Mr. Fish to... well, that's not entirely clear just yet (Marvel claims that their aim is to spread "their unbridled awesomeness to fans everywhere," so sure; let's go with that for now).

The web series comes as the first product of a partnership between the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc. and Marvel Consumer Products announced earlier this month for a line of merchandise featuring the characters that will include "toys, apparel and collectibles." Finally, my long time dream of a Hypno Hustler action figure might be realized...!

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