Japanese versions of Marvel characters aren't entirely new -- their "Wolverine: Prodigal Son" manga (left) is on shelves now and the shoujo "X-Men: Misfits" comes out in a few weeks -- but now they're taking it to the next level: anime.

Trailers for Marvel Anime versions of "Wolverine" and "Iron Man" make their debut at Comic-Con, and the good news is that both are written by Warren Ellis, who recently scripted "G.I.Joe: Resolution," a more PG-13 take on the classic series.

Ellis will be attending a Marvel Anime panel and a signing, although he does not sound entirely thrilled to be dragged into the mad, mad, mad, mad world that is San Diego Comic-Con:

"By the power of contractual obligation, I am appearing at the San Diego Comic-Con 2009 under the exclusive aegis of Sony, Madhouse and Marvel Anime. I am in San Diego for something less than 36 hours."

That makes him much smarter than us, as we will be running around the convention center for a full five days, but we'll be sure to stop by the Marvel Anime panel at 4:30 PM on Friday afternoon in hopes that the anime Wolverine they have wrought can somehow measure up to the samurai killing machine he is in our imagination.