There's no shame in admitting that you read comic books in the bathroom. Heck, we've all done it - not with our most prized and perfect comic books, mind you, but the occasional issue (or in some cases a TPB) that you deem worthy of your attention while hanging out in the john? That's a totally acceptable offense.

But sometimes, it's easy to forget your bathroom reading material until you're already on the toilet and it's simply too late. There isn't a clean or easy solution to that problem right now beyond forgiving yourself your forgetfulness, but in 1979, Oh Dawn! Inc. had a very alluring alternative in mind: "The Amazing Spider-Man & The Incredible Hulk in The Gamma Gambit," a short comic book printed entirely on toilet paper.

Jim Salicrup and Michael Higgins wrote the comic. Marie Severin illustrated it. And everybody who read the thing while doing their post-coffee morning routine in the late 1970s was better off for it. Although it's out of print right now, you can enjoy the full story for yourself after the jump courtesy of Oddball Comics via io9.

[Via io9]

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