Following in the footsteps of publishers like DC, Archaia and the newly relaunched Valiant, today Marvel Comics announced a deal with digital comic platform ComiXology to exclusively distribute their single issue English-language digital releases worldwide.The multi-year deal is described by Marvel's SVP and General Manager of Digital Media, Peter Philips, as "a huge win for current and future fans of the Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man and Marvel's entire library of existing characters," and expands the relationship between the two companies that has existed since the 2010 launch of the Marvel Comics app, powered by ComiXology's proprietary software.

In addition to the building of a new web-based Marvel Comics Shop to sell the digital singles directly from the official Marvel site, the new deal will see Marvel titles being added to ComiXology's digital storefronts for physical retailers for the first time starting today, as well as the creation of a "unique" Marvel branded experience for digital single purchasing, the details of which remain a mystery for now.

According to Marvel, this deal will not affect Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited subscription service, as it only covers the purchase of single issues digitally.