We're big fans of Webcomic creators taking reverent shots at their favorite superheroes here at CA, which is why Marvel editor Nathan Cosby's recent tweet linking to his summation of every "Daredevil" story in one comic, I wanted to make sure it found its way to you, the reader.

The comic's got a cute Chris Giarrusso vibe to it that's hard not to love, especially considering Cosby's status as an official advocate for all things Marvel.

Sure, an extra panel or two detailing the Man Without Fear's many loves and heartbreaks might have been funny to read, or perhaps a shot of DD taking on a ninja horde? The end result is funny enough that the tortured hero's off-the-wall origin and religious affiliation will do just fine.

This isn't Cosby's first comic either, the creator recently made a pig's case for rejecting the concept of DST that makes us wish he'd build a blog for the things. Until that happens, however, it's not a bad idea to follow his Twitter feed for comic strip action.
[ Via Twitter @nathan_cosby]