Gazillion's Marvel Heroes video game had a pretty big presence at last weekend's New York Comic Con and our own Chris Sims clocked some time behind the controls, which he'll be reporting on in detail later this week. In the meantime, though, there's plenty of new gameplay footage and character model sheets for fans to look at as the upcoming free-to-play MMO continues its closed Beta testing. The new character model sheets include the latest incarnation of Nova, Luke Cage in his Thunderbolts era duds and Jean Grey in her Phoenix attire. All three of these heroes can be seen in action as part of the new MH game features trailer, which provides an overview of the title's character, costume and power selection options, plus a look at some enemies and environments. Rocket Raccoon's character model sheets made the rounds awhile back, but he's the real star of the trailer, shouting, shooting and even rocketing around the screen in true galaxy guarding form. You can see all the new Marvel Heroes MMO media after the cut.

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