No sooner did we get our first official trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming did Hasbro roll out the first action figure from the upcoming Sony/Marvel Studios team-up. Spider-Man already got his debut in a special Marvel Legends Captain America: Civil War set with Iron Man and Captain America, so instead of just rehashing a new version of him (which will likely happen anyway), we're getting our first good look at the new Vulture from the rebooted franchise.

We've known the Vulture was going to play a part in Homecoming for a while now, but we didn't know exactly what form the avian villain would take. After getting some brief glimpses of him battling it out with Spider-Man in the new footage, Hasbro's given us an even better look at the cinematic version of Adrian Toomes.

Interestingly, the base figure will be available on its own, with the wings being the Build-a-Figure in the series. There'll be 12 points of articulation in the wings though, which makes sense given just how massive they are. At full breadth, they're easily three times the size of the 6" action figure. It's the first time I can recall Hasbro using the BAF elements in a series to make one big accessory for a figure, but if it leads to some fantastic figures like this in the future, I won't be complaining if they do it again down the line.

I'm curious about the connection the flight jacket will play, as it's not clear just who Adrian Toomes is in the new cinematic universe. It's entirely possible it's just a clever costume choice --- and one that offers the faux feathered look of the classic comic incarnation --- but there's also a chance like Sam Wilson, Vulture could have some kind of military background. That would explain how he's able to control such fancy technology. Guess we'll all find out together in July.

The Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming series will be out in 2017.