Game Informer has followed up on its initial announcement of TT Games' Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game with another new video giving fans a look inside a build of the upcoming release. Set to arrive on Playstation 3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, and the Nintendo DS/3DS in the Fall, the game will follow the model of a number of other recent Marvel games and see Nick Fury and SHIELD launch a host of 100+ unlockable heroes on missions that will pit them against villainous threats like Loki and a blocky version of Galactus (I wonder if they'll scale up to Duplo bricks for that dude?). The new video sticks to iconic Avengers, with LMSH Assistant Director Steve Sharples previewing a game scenario in which Tony Stark searches for a new suit of armor in Stark Tower in a room based on his home workshop from the Iron Man films. By his side are Captain America and the Hulk, both of whom demonstrate a few in-game abilities like smashing and shield-toting. You can see all the early gameplay goodness after the jump.

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