Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys' upcoming 44th wave of Marvel Minimates loves the '90s. Featuring "Heroes Return" versions of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Giant-Man, a Peter David Era Hulk, it's a veritable love fest for the characters' Clinton Years looks. The line also features a more modern Scott Lang in his Ant-Man getup and a Kree Sentry.

Currently slated for an April 2012 release on, BBTS indicates the wave will partner up the characters into the following 2-pack configurations:

-Iron Man & Captain America

-Hulk & Thor

-Giant-Man & Kree Sentry

-Ant-Man & Kree Sentry

This wave marks the first Scott Lang as Ant-Man Minimate, plus the first non-zombified Giant-Man (though Hank Pym's had his own Goliath, Ant-Man and Yellowjacket figures). The new Kree Sentry joins a MM Kree Soldier, with Cap, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk joining about a dozen other blissfully blocky versions of themselves. As usual, the 2-packs are expected to go for about $7.50.