As a fan of trivia, things phrased in weird ways and high-stakes gambling, I watch Jeopardy! almost every day, and it's always a nice surprise when a category or answer shows up that has something to do with comics. This week, though, there's no surprise involved: We have advance notice that tomorrow's episode of Jeopardy! will feature an entire category devoted to Marvel NOW!.It's the kind of cross promotion that makes perfect sense, given that Jeopardy!'s core demographic is made up almost entirely of total nerds who like memorizing trivial details and displaying their knowledge at the slightest prompting (which is exactly why I'm in front of the TV watching it every night), and that's exactly the sort of person who tends to love comics.

Unfortunately for die-hard comic book fans, though, the questions -- er, answers are geared towards general knowledge of Marvel's characters, and probably won't go that deep into the hardcore trivia. Hopefully there'll be some interesting stuff, but I'm worried that it might end up being like this:

What I'd really like to see, though, would be questions about the people behind those Marvel NOW! titles, with a category about their creators:

Either way, it's sure to be almost as entertaining as that time the Image Founders were on Wheel of Fortune. Check your local listings for tomorrow's episode!

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