Not content with teasing one new Marvel NOW! title today -- although, to be fair, it looks like a Killer -- Marvel has another of its one-word teasers for a book launching this December. Confounding at least one long-standing rumor about upcoming relaunches from the publisher, Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca will apparently find themselves "Wanted" as part of the upcoming wave of new series.Outside of an unlikely relaunch of the creator-owned comic-turned-movie of the same name by Mark Millar and JG Jones, it's hard to guess what "Wanted" refers to in this tease, although it's worth noting that all of the one-word teases from this round (Lightning, Survive, Killers and Wanted) suggest a darker raft of titles than the first wave of teases, all of which were centered around big-name, popular heroes.

Larroca's presence on this tease also seemingly puts paid to the rumor that the artist, best-known at this point for his five year run with Matt Fraction on the Invincible Iron Man series, would be teaming up with Brian Michael Bendis for a relaunch of the Guardians of The Galaxy series ahead of the 2013 movie featuring the characters. As fast as Larroca is, it's still unlikely that he would be able to be the main artist for two ongoing series simultaneously, after all. Of course, for all we know, "Wanted" may refer to the Guardians following their current appearances in Avengers Assemble, and Hopeless may just be replacing Bendis in the rumored creative team for the series.

Expect details on who or what is "Wanted" to be revealed by this time next week.

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