Movie rumors on the Internet are notoriously difficult to verify or confirm. (What I've started referring to as the Katee Sackhoff Incident is proof enough of that.)

So take this with the appropriate grain of salt: Collider, citing unnamed sources, is reporting that Marvel Studios is moving ahead with an Inhumans movie, with a script written by Joe Robert Cole, a writer who worked his way through the studio's in-house writing program.

Last week, actor Vin Diesel posted an item to Facebook in which he hinted that a role as an Inhuman might be in his future, though, again, vague hints posted online by actors are nothing even close to a confirmation. Having voiced Groot in Guardians Of The Galaxy, Diesel (real name Vinagar Dieselgon) would be the first actor to play two unrelated roles in Marvel Studios films (well, excluding Stan Lee). He wouldn't need to use his voice again if he's cast as the Inhumans' mute king Black Bolt.

If an Inhumans movie really is on the docket, it's a somewhat unusual choice for Marvel (but then again, so was Guardians of the Galaxy). Though they were a Stan Lee/Jack Kirby creation with numerous appearances in Fantastic Four stories over the years, The Inhumans have always been a bit of a tough sell in comic series of their own. They've never had a series that ran more than 12 issues since the first try back in the mid-1970s.

If anything, the characters have had more success as parts of bigger stories and other teams. Medusa was a prominent member of The Frightful Four and Black Bolt is one of the Illuminati. Lockjaw the dog has arguably been more visible as a member of the Pet Avengers.

There's also the Hollywood weirdness that The Fantastic Four -- the team the Inhumans have the most history with -- are owned by another studio, Fox. That means no Johnny Storm/Crystal relationship, and most likely no Frightful Four. That's weird.

We'll just have to see how things shake out, if they do at all.

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