A Marvel/DC crossover may not be in the cards in comic books anytime soon, but you can at least have that Thor/Superman fight you've been itching to see again on the screen of your iPad.

That's because WizKids/NECA and MFV, makers of the HeroClix TabApp Elite are adding Marvel characters to the game, which already features quite a few DC heroes.

The app is totally compatible with HeroClix TabApp figures. WizKids announced that three new figures, of Iron Man, Iron Patriot and War Machine, will serve as the starter packs for Marvel characters in the game. All players have to do is touch their figures to their iOS or Android device to download the packs. Other Marvel figures in the series will work with the game, too.

The announcement accompanies a software update that adds quite a few Marvel bad guys, including Iron Monger, Red Skull, M.O.D.O.K. and Magneto, and changes the perspective of the combat to an isometric 3D view.




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