Of all the exclusive toys to hit Comic-Con this year, perhaps the most coveted by collectors and casual fans alike was Hasbro's massive 19" Marvel Universe Galactus. Not only was it the biggest Galactus toy ever, it also came packaged in what's essentially a suitcase of radness. Sadly, not everyone was able to pick up the Comic-Con exclusive. But have heart, if you're down with the destroyer of world's darker color scheme from the "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" video game you can still score one for a reasonable price.

Retailing for $54.99 at Entertainment Earth and elsewhere, the new Galactus sports all the features of its original incarnation and comes packaged with a bonus Marvel Universe Silver Surfer (with a waaaay cosmic variant color scheme).
While the Comic-Con exclusive Galactus can still be tracked down online for close to the cost of the new variant, both versions are still only available for preorder and aren't expected to ship until October. The UA version is probably the better value, but planet chomp'n beauty is, as always, in the eye of the beholder.

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