If you're done picking your jaw up off the ground from the deluge of news from the inaugural Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo - better known as the simply titled C2E2 - then it's time to get back to that place where staring at pictures of action figures is enough coolness to get you through the afternoon.

Marvelous News is doing its best to help out on that front by showing off new images of Hasbro's upcoming fourth wave of Marvel Universe action figures, set for release in July of 2010. The upcoming wave of figures includes Iron Patriot, Iron Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, a Skrull Soldier, the Winter Soldier and Wrecker.Much as I loved Bucky during his Winter Soldier days, I have to say that his action figure counterpart could really use a haircut. That's pretty much my only complaint based on this first look at the wave - in fact, I'm pretty excited about the Mary Jane action figure, the fans' choice winner. Not the greatest sculpt in the world, but it's a fun addition to any Spider-Man collection.

[Source: Marvelous News]

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